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Extra Virgin Oliva Oil Monovarietal Frantoio

Frantoio is a variety originally from the Tuscany, in Italy that we have introduced in our Olive Groves. Frantoio Olive Trees have adapted perfectly at Somontano region, given the region’s climate and soil characteristics which have favored the proper growth of Frantoio Olive trees.

Noguero Somontano Frantoio Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an elegant and creamy Olive Oil with intense fruit notes, sophisticated spicy tones and a medium bitterness that evolves in the palate. Without a doubt, Frantoio is one of our most special single variety Olive Oils.

Ideal for cooking pasta or risotto dishes as well as pizza to which it gives a special touch. It is also recommended to sprinkle raw over bread toasts.

Available options:

  • 250 ml. Crystal bottle
  • 500 ml. Crystal bottle


Aceite de oliva virgen extra Somontano en Lata
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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