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Somontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oilcans

At Noguero Somontano we have designed a new container for our Somontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From now on we have available oilcans of Somontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 1- and 3-liter formats.

At Noguero Somontano we have been crafting our famous Extra Virgin Olive Oil since 1931.

Our Somontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from a blend of Arbequina, Empeltre and Verdeña varieties. We selected these specific olive varieties because of their unique properties: Arbequina provides our oil with its pleasant aroma and fruitiness, Empeltre provides sweetness and savory taste, and Verdeña contributes with its elegant notes, special body and flavor. Our Somontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a premium balanced EVOO with a delicate flavor and pleasant taste.

Our Somontano Olive Oil is a very versatile olive oil that pairs with all kinds of food and dishes. It is ideal for cooking light and healthy food. You can buy this handcrafted olive oil in in 1- and 3-liter oilcans.

Available options:

  • 1 Liter Oilcan
  • 3 Liter Oilcan


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