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Aceite de Oliva Cosecha Temprana

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What are Early Harvest Olive Oils?

In this blog post we will talk about Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils, its main properties and some differences between Early Harvest oils and traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Early Harvest Olive Oil are Extra Virgin Olive Oil that are crafted from olives harvested just before they start to ripen. In other words, to make this type of EVOO, we carefully selected and harvest olives at an early point in their maturity process.  

The date on which Early Harvest EVOOs are produced can vary due to different factors such as: weather conditions, the location of each olive grove or the variety of olives used. In general terms, the harvest of olives destined for Early Harvest Olive Oil is usually carried out in the period from the beginning of October to mid-November, when the olives are still green. It should be noted that in mountain areas and in high altitude olive groves, such as ours, the olives take longer to reach their point of maturity due to lower temperatures.

The yield of Early Harvest olive oils is lower than that of traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oils, since the juice that can be extracted from green fruits is much less than the juice obtained from ripe fruits. The average yield of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil is usually around 20% and 25%. In comparison, the yield of Early Harvest Oils ranges between 12% and 16%.

Early Harvest Olive Oil properties

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils have a characteristic intense green tone due to its higher chlorophyll content. The juice from green olives creates a greater complexity of aromas and flavors, thus Early Harvest Olive Oils have more powerful tasting notes and more intense fruitiness. Noguero Somontano Early Harvest Olive Oils are unfiltered oils which allow us to obtain denser oils, with a much more intense flavor and aroma, well differentiated from traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Early Harvest Olive Oils are known for having greater health benefits, since this type of Olive Oils have superior antioxidant properties and greater nutritional values, due to the fact that they contain a larger amount of polyphenols. In our Store you will find the full range of Unfiltered Somontano Early Harvest Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils we have to offer. We craft Early Harvest Olive Oils from the following varieties: Arbequina, Empeltre, Verdeña, Royeta, Blancal, Picudo, and Frantoio. At Aceites Noguero we recommend consuming the Early Harvest Olive Oils raw to keep all their organoleptic qualities intact: flavor and aroma. We recommend to so so, because heat and high temperatures alter these properties. The best way to taste this type of oil to sprinkle them over a slice of bread, dressings for salads, as well as over raw vegetables and with any dish that requires raw olive oil.

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