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Types of Olive Oil

The Different Types of Olive Oil

In this entry we want to talk about the different types of Olive Oils there are. According with the European Union legislation (EC Regulation 1019/2002) there are four categories of olive oil graded according to quality parameters: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Olive oil composed of refined olive oil and virgin olive oils and Olive-pomace oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, also known as EVOO, is the highest quality Olive Oil and is obtained using exclusively mechanical procedures directly from healthy olives harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, and freshly picked from the tree. As a result of the process, we get the natural juice of the olives which has a wide range of fruit notes and aromas reminiscent of freshly cut grass, green or ripe apple, nuts, almonds, tomato or artichoke among others. On the palate, Extra Virgin Olive Oils usually have a certain degree of Bitterness and Spiciness. EVOOs have a smooth and velvety texture in the palate, and leave a fresh aftertaste. Extra Virgin Olive Oils are recommended for people who are looking for a unique gastronomic experience.

Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils are a special type of EVOOs and have a special place at Aceites Noguero. Monovarietal EVOOs, also known as monocultivar or single variety Olive Oils, are ones that have been crafted from a single variety of olives.

At Aceites Noguero we have specialized in Monovarietal Olive Oils because we want to offer our customers a wide range of taste and flavor experiences to choose from while highlighting each olive variety unique properties.

Arbequina variety recently has become one of the dominant olive varieties throughout the world. Arbequina variety has been cultivated in the Somontano region for many years, especially in the southernmost area.

Empeltre, variety, also know as “Injerto de Barbastro”, is the most typical and spread variety in the Olive groves around Barbastro. Empeltre Monovarietal Olive Oil is known for its distinctive sweetness.

Verdeña variety is the main and most typical variety of the entire northern area of the Somontano region. In the past, this variety was responsible for the economy of the region. Verdeña Monovarietal Olive Oil stand out for its characteristic full-body and flavor.

Royeta is variety deriving from one single centenary tree located in the town of Asque, one of the smallest villages in Somontano. At Aceites Noguero we have recovered and opted for this variety because of its great potential and the remarkable Olive Oil it produces.

Blancal is a secondary and lesser-known variety spread throughout the Somontano. Blancal olives are highly appreciated as a table olives, nonetheless Blancal olives produce an exceptional Olive Oil as well.

Frantoio variety is originally from Italy and it’s known for producing aromatic, complex and exquisite Olive Oils. At Aceites Noguero Somontano we have introduced this variety in our olive Groves.

Picudo variety is considered by many as the best variety from Andalucía, which is why we decided we had to include Picudo Variety in our Olive Oils product offering.

Virgin Olive Oil

As the Olive harvest goes by, the olives ripen and wrinkle due to the cold to the point that the oil is slightly lower in quality, and is no longer as fruity and aromatic as Extra Virgin olive Oils.

Virgin Olive Oils remind us of olive oils from our childhood, the kind of olive oils that were made before the modernization the extraction process in oil mills. Virgin Olive Oil is still the natural juice from the olives as it can only be produced by mechanical means. The amount of free fatty acids is usually higher, mainly because the olive is in a more advanced state of maturity and has suffered the effects of cold weather.

Olive Oil

This is how Olive Oil was known until not many years ago when this type of Oil was the main type of oil used in most homes.  Even today, Olive Oil continues to be an oil with wonderful organoleptic qualities and is still used in many Spanish homes. This type of Oil is still of a higher quality and more recommended than any other oil that does not come from olives. Olive Oil is obtained by refining virgin olive oils. When Olive oils are refined, they lose part of their aroma and flavor properties, leaving a very neutral oil. Refined olive oil is mixed with a certain amount of virgin olive oils in order enhance its flavor, aromas and color. Depending on the amount of virgin olive oil added back, we get as a result mild flavor or intense flavor Olive Oils. Both mild and intense flavor oils are ideal for all those who want lighter Olive Oils most of the benefits of an olive oil.


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