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Family Tradition

Aceites Noguero

Aceites Noguero is a family-owned business dedicated to the production, bottling and distribution of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We are located in Barbastro, province of Huesca, North Spain at the base of the Pyrenees. The Noguero Family has a long history tied to local farming and Olive Oil production for four generations. We strive to combine tradition with innovation as we look after every step of production – from farming and harvesting to pressing and bottling to guarantee the best quality. Our story began in 1931 when Ángel Noguero Pardina moved from Saravillo,

a little village at the heart of the Pyrenees, to Barbastro and bought the local oil mill. And we have been producing Olive Oil ever since.

Mr. Noguero worked hard to renovate the old facilities while establishing the foundations for who we are today by introducing a work ethic and innovative mindset that is embedded in our genes to this day.

In 1954, Aceites Noguero registered the Somontano brand and started bottling its olive oil under the new brand. The company chose the name Somontano as a tribute to the region where the oil mill is located, a generous land with great climatic conditions that is known for its famous crops, Olive Oils and wines.

The company experience significant growth, and as a result of the booming business, in 1976 the Noguero family built a new mill to accommodate the spike in olive oil demand as well as to introduce modern hydraulic press in the production process.

During the 1980s, as progress continued at the new facilities, the manufacturing process changed completely with the introduction of a new centrifugal extraction system. The new extraction system was introduced to ensure the best possible quality in our oils.

By 1992, Aceites Noguero decided to expand its business line and built a new warehouse.  As a result, the company created a Distribution Business to promote local products such as honey, wine, cold meats and liquors along with Noguero Somontano Olive Oils.

Nowadays Aceites Noguero is one of the biggest Oil Mills in Huesca province, grinding olives not only from its own olive groves but also from more than 1000 farmers who bring their olives either to be sold or use our facilities to produce their own olive oil for by using the traditional system of Multure.

Our Olive Oil

At Aceites Noguero we know that if we want to produce Premium Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we need to start the process with the best raw materials. Luckily, we have diverse factors that contribute to define the premium characteristics of our products:

Soil features, location and climate. The Somontano Region is characterized by high temperature contrasts between summer and winter as well as day and night. Somontano is also known for its unique fertile soil.

The location of our Olive groves with 100-year-old trees. Centenary trees produce the best olives.

Selection of olive groves according to the typical varieties of the region.

Constant care and monitoring of our olive groves throughout the entire year.

Each year we determine the most appropriate harvest date according to the climatic conditions and fruit maturity to guarantee that we harvest the olives at the perfect time.

At Aceites Noguero we have specialized in crafting Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils as we strongly believe that each Olive variety has unique characteristics, fragrances and taste. We have seven different monovarietal oils, each produced with the following varieties: Arbequina, Empeltre, Verdeña, Royeta, Blancal, Picudo and Frantoio

Our harvest and production campaign usually start early November with the varieties that mature early such as Blancal and Royeta, both of them are native varieties and only grow in the Somontano Region. Our harvest continues with Empeltre, also known as “Injerto”, this is the most common variety in Barbastro. The next varieties that we collect are Picudo and Frantoio, both varieties have been selected and introduced in the region by the Noguero Family because of their known quality to produce outstanding olive oils. By late-November we start picking Arbequina and Verdeña varieties. Verdeña is the most typical variety from the North of the Somontano region.

Production is carefully monitored throughout the entire process to ensure oil superior quality.

We produce our olive oils using only mechanical processes in order to maintain the organoleptic properties of the olive, so taste, aroma and every other attribute remain unaffected.

Our Products

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Our famous Somontano Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from a blend of Arbequina, Empeltre and Verdeña varieties An oil with yellowish tones and shades of green, it has a dense but clean appearance combined with a sweet taste and pleasant fruity aroma. Our Somontano Virgin Olive Oil is a well-balanced, and versatile oil with a pleasant aroma. It is ideal for Vegetables, salads, pureed soups, frying and desserts. We recommend it for practically any cooking application. It pairs perfectly with Salads, steamed and baked vegetables, mayonnaise and aioli, as well as grilled steak, grilled salmon and grilled seafood.



Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Somontano Arbequina” is an oil with a strong aromatic notes and finesse. It combines fruit notes with a hint freshness that leave a very pleasant aftertaste both in the palate and in the nose.

Our 100% Arbequina Olive Oil is a very versatile oil and pairs very well with foods with a defined but not extreme flavor. It is perfect to serve it raw with vegetables and salads, to season meats, such as grilled chicken or a good veal steak, or to sprinkle over a stew or some legumes.


The “Somontano Empeltre” is an olive oil with a fluid texture, a sweet flavor and light fruity aromas that reminds us of the fruit of the olive tree itself. It also has hints of almond and apple.

It is a very pleasant oil on the palate. Ideal for paring with foods that have a delicate or sweet flavor: vegetables such as zucchini or peas, grilled or steamed white fish. It is also great for preparing sauces, emulsions and pastries.


The “Somontano Verdeña”, is an intense and full-bodied Olive Oil with a strong personality with its characteristic aromas and taste. It’s a very aromatic olive oil with intense herbaceous notes. Its fruity tones in the nose give way to a pleasant aftertaste on the palate, combined with hint of bitterness and pleasant fruity sensations.

Despite its aromatic intensity, Somotano Verdeña does not mask the flavor of the food, but rather improves and enhances it. Pairs perfect with mushrooms, vegetables such as broccoli or artichokes, fish such as cod or salmon, and meats such as veal or rabbit.


Blancal is an exclusive variety of the Somontano region. Somontano Blancal is a balanced Olive Oil with intense aroma and flavor. Its aroma reminds us of freshly-cut grass, combines with a multitude of fruity notes for a sweet and smooth Olive Oil with the right amount of bitterness.

This exquisite Olive Oil can be paired with all kinds of foods, but it offers us its full potential when we eat it raw. It’s an ideal Oil to include at breakfast, especially on toasted bread. It is also a great for salad dressings and vinaigrettes, pasta and rice dishes, as well as to season meat and fish.


The “Somontano Royeta” is crafted from a variety originally from Asque, one of the smallest towns in the Somontano Region. The Noguero family, aware of this variety and its unique properties, introduced this variety on their Olive Groves seeking for a distinct and special Olive Oil. The first harvests could not have been more promising, we have been able to craft an outstanding Olive Oil that produces magnificent sensations. This is definitely a unique Olive Oil only offered by the Noguero family.

The Somontano Royeta Olive Oil has greenish tones with intense fruity aromas on the palate. Stand out notes of green almonds and grass combined with hints of apple, banana, fig and tomato. Somontano Royeta Olive oil is a very special Olive Oil with the right amount of bitterness and slight spiciness.


Noguero’s “Somontano Picudo” olive oil was produced for the first time during the 2017 harvest. This variety of olives has adapted perfectly to the soil of the Somontano region. Picudo olives become black-colored when ripe, and have elliptical shape with a pointed apex, which gives the name to the variety.

Picudo Monovarietal Olive Oil has a greenish-yellow tone. It’s a full-bodied Olive Oil with intense ripe fruit aromas and flavors, combined with Banana and Apple notes. It is a balanced Olive Oil that combines light fruitiness with a medium-high bitterness, and complemented by an intense bitterness that gradually increases in intensity.


“Somontano Frantoio” is the latest addition of Aceites Noguero. Frantoio is an Olive variety originally from the Tuscany, in Italy, and has adapted perfectly in our groves at the Somontano Region. The name Frantoio means Oil Mill in Italian, which demonstrates how important this variety is in the Olive Oil industry.

Frantoio olives are oval-shaped, similar to a mid-size drop of water. Frantoio Olive Oil has golden-yellow tones, with persistent fruit and vegetable notes. Hints of banana and green leaf stand out along with apple and a slight tomato aroma. It is a fresh flavor and full-bodied Olive Oil with appreciable bitterness and slight Spicy aftertaste. It’s ideal for pasta, risotto, baked fish, poultry, and dressings.


Due to the distribution crisis of Spanish Retail Stores in the 1960’s, Aceites Noguero decided to distribute its Olive Oil directly to consumers. In the early 1990s, Aceites Noguero expanded the product range being distributed to include all kinds of food and cleaning products, in an attempt to offer its customers a more complete product offering, a service that its clients had been requesting for some time.
The company’s philosophy for its distribution business has remain the same throughout its history: to provide punctual and top-quality service to its customers.

Almacenes Noguero distributes wholesale food products in Huesca, Lérida and Zaragoza provinces. Our customer base ranges from restaurant businesses, Retail Stores, Supermarkets and export clients.