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Early Harvest Extra Virgin Oliva Oil

At Noguero Somontano we have created a Special Early Harvest Edition of our Somontano Monovarietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils.

Noguero Somontano Early Harvest Olive Oils are unfiltered oils giving as a result denser oils that have much more intense flavors and aromas. Early Harvest Oils have more intense flavors and aromas that distinguish them from traditional Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In order to craft our Early Harvest Olive Oils, we select our best olive groves in which we do the first harvest of each campaign and thus ensuring Premium Early Harvest EVOOs that are more complex and flavorful.

Our Somontano Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils are EVOOs crafted exclusively through mechanical processes at low temperature and without filtering, which allows us to create unique oils in that keep intact all of their organoleptic properties. Early Harvest Olive Oils have fresher and more intense colors, aromas and flavors. They are ideal to consume and garnish raw all of your dishes.

Available options:

  • 500 ml. Crystal bottle


Aceite de oliva virgen extra Somontano en Lata
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
SD Huesca Special Edition
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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